Zodiac G2

SKU: WC127

Zodiac G2 Pool Cleaner

Highly efficient affordable suction pool cleaner.  The Zodiac G2 is a proven workhorse with one moving part.  Suitable for in-ground and above ground pools.

What do you get?

  • Zodiac G2 head with Disc
  • 12m Twist Lock Hose (12 x 1m sections)
  • Hose Weight
  • Leader Hose Adaptor
  • Deflector Wheel (Medium)
  • AD Flow Valve
  • Zodiac's Pool Pulse
  • Hose Protection mesh
  • Backed by a 2 year warranty
Technology Hydraulic suction
Installation To the skimmer box with AD Flow Valve
Hose length 12m
Inground & above ground pools Recommended for max. 12m x 6m
All shapes Rectangular, oval, round, free form
All bottoms Flat, gentle slope, varying slope
All surfaces Tile, concrete, pebblecrete, quartzon, fibreglass and vinyl
Warranty 2 Yrs


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