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Solar Controllers

Pool Solar Controllers are set and forget user friendly digital differential temperature controllers designed to give trouble free pool heating from the sun. Once the comfort temperature is set, the solar controller is left to itself to calculate energy efficient solar pool heating.

Solar Controllers are weather resistant, however they should be mounted in a sheltered position where it is not exposed to direct weather, splashing or spray from the pool or filtration equipment. Electrical building regulations specify that these controllers must not be mounted within 3.5 metres of the pool.


Pool Solar Controller Range

Ascon has several pool solar controllers in their range.

Ascon MS3D 

  • Comes with roof sensor and roof sensor
  • these are the most commonly used

Ascon MS3D Up/Down 

  • has 2 sensors in the pipes
  • no roof sensor (no roof installation required)
  • checks temperature every hour between 8am and 6pm

Ascon Multi Timer Filter Solar

The MTFS unit is designed to give you year round automatic control of pool systems employing a solar heating system. It provides complete control of the filter pump and the solar pump. 

  • made for boostered solar systems (filter must run at same time as solar)
  • unit will over ride filter timers to heat pool


We can help if you are looking to replace your existing solar controller. Please Contact us and we will gladly answer your questions on a Pool Solar Controller.