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Robotic Pool Cleaners - Madimack | Astral | Zodiac | Revolution

Robotic Pool Cleaners

We carry a premium range of Pool Cleaners. We trial and test Pool Cleaners in our local service area before recommending and advising our customers what suits their needs. 

Robotic pool cleaners give you an energy-efficient solution, especially when other components of your filtration system are energy efficient such as working in conjunction with variable speed pumps - you'll save as much as up to 70% in energy each year. 

Robotic Cleaners are the perfect solution if you have a leafy pool but don't have the provision for a Pressure Cleaner. 

Robotic Pool Cleaners are simple to use and run off power (low voltage into the pool) and complete a set program with most of them climbing walls, steps and ledges. 

After each use, users should remove Robotic Cleaners and place them on their caddy for storage. Depending on the leaf load, they are used once or twice per week and not left indefinitely in the pool. 

Robotic cleaners are low-maintenance and very easy to use. Also, over time these cleaners will clean the walls preventing algae, calcium build-up, and the pool will require fewer chemicals.

Our Range

We only stock pool cleaners we know work in a range of different pools. It all depends on the width of your pool, the shape, the debris in the pool such as sand, dirt, leaves, gum nuts, twigs, palm fronds, and whether or not your pool has a smooth surface. 


Please Contact us about our range of robotic pool cleaners and what will suit your needs.

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