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Palintest Photometer Test Kit

Photometer Pool Test Kits are now manditory for commercial pools. Palintest Photometer Test Kit The Pooltest 9 Premier is the most popular pool photometer in the world.  This professional pool test kit ensures safety and comfort for swimmers.  We also supply all consumables for this test kit.

The Palintest Pooltest 9 Bluetooth is a direct reading, waterproof photometer for determining key water quality parameters for swimming pools, hydrotherapy pools, hot tubs and spas. Designed for both portable and static use, the Pooltest 9 Bluetooth should always be used with genuine Palintest reagents for optimal performance.

How Does It work?

The fundamental operating technique applied to the Pooltest 9 Bluetooth is based on the principles of optical absorbance and scattering of visible light.
Optical absorbance techniques are based on the use of Palintest (spectro) photometric reagents, creating visible colours with specific analytes upon reaction. The intensity of colour produced is measured with the Pooltest 9 Bluetooth and the data compared to the stored calibration data to deliver the final result.

Optical scattering techniques produce small particles to scatter the source beam, the amount of scatter providing a result for the concentration of parameter under test.

For more information regarding the science behind both photometric and turbidimetric analysis technology please visit

The Pooltest 9 Bluetooth is provided with programmed methods for a comprehensive range of water quality parameters. Upon choosing a test the instrument automatically selects the required parameters for accurate analysis including wavelength and reaction time. On completion of some tests optional follow-on tests are available plus results can be converted to alternative units of expression e.g. mg/l to ppm, N or NH3.
The Pooltest 9 Bluetooth offers a choice of connectivity to download all or selected results via Bluetooth 4.0 wireless connectivity or USB connection.

Bluetooth 4.0 (also known as Bluetooth SMART or Low Energy) connection allows seamless data exchange using the Palintest Aqua Pal app, available for iOS and Android devices.

Pooltest 9 Connectability

USB connection via the port located at the rear of the instrument provides a choice of either ‘Hard Disk’ mode or serial communication mode.

The Pooltest 9 Bluetooth offers a choice of either mains power via the USB port or using three 1.5V ‘AA’ batteries (supplied).

Pooltest 9 Warranty

The Pooltest 9 Bluetooth is delivered with a two year warranty and a full range of service, calibration and technical support.

Additional resources are available at relating to both products and applications.

Pooltest 9 Reagents

We sell the full range of reagents for the Palintest Pooltest 9.

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