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Pool Lights are available for concrete, vinyl and fibreglass pools and spas.  Pool Lights not only allow you use your pool safely at night but also makes your backyard look great.

Almost all Pool lights are now LED instead of halogen. LED lights use less power and are as bright as the halogen type lights and do not require globe changes. 

LED lights also have the advantage over Halogen as they do heat up. This constant heating and cooling draws water into the older type lights. 

Lights for New Pools

Pool lights for new pools come with cable. If you’re building a new pool we recommend flush lights as they look fantastic. You will require certain elements at the early stages of construction.  Contact us for advice.

Wall Mounted Lights

It is unusual to use wall mounted lights for new pools . Wall mounted pool lights use a bracket attached to the pool wall which the light attaches to. This means that the light protudes 40 to 50mm into the pool. Wall mounted lights are used as steps by children which inevitably breaks the brackets,  pool cleaners can get stuck on them and they just do not look at good as a flush pool light. 

Fibreglass and Vinyl use these types of lights but new model lights for these surfaces are becoming more low profile.

Flush Mounted Pool Lights

In New Concrete pools flush pools lights are best. Planning needs to be done before concreting. A light housing (bucket) needs to be concreted into the pool structure. This housing holds the pool light and allows the light to be inside the pool wall. Flush Pool Lights definately look the best.

Replacement Pool Lights

Whether you are replacing a wall mounted or flush pool light we will be able to guide you on the best solution. Replacement pool lights do not come with cable. They are designed to attach your existing cable to the replacement light. Each manufacturer has a different method reattaching method to create a water tight seal.

Wall Mounted Pool Lights

Both Aquaquip and Spa Electrics have replacement lights to suit most older brands. In some rare cases some other parts will be required to attach the new light. 

Flush Mounted Pool Lights

When replacing flush lights it is important to identify the brand of the existing light. The light housings are unique to particular lights (with the exception of Waterco and Spa Electrics which are interchangeable).


Please call us on 02 9970 5115 or Contact us and we will gladly answer your questions. We will help you find the right pool lights for your pool 



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