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Pool Pumps

There are many types of Pool Pumps for different applications. We will help determine the correct pump for your filtration, solar, pool water feature, heaters, or in-floor cleaning system. The new pump may replace your existing pump or pump for a new swimming pool.

We stock a range of new  variable speed pumps, which can save you thousands of dollars on the pump's lifetime.

Filtration Pool Pumps

Pumps are the heart of the pool circulation system. If you are replacing your existing pool pump, we'll need to match the size of the pump to your current pool filter and your pool size. Incorrectly sized pumps will not only cause filtration problems but waste electricity. 

Oversizing pool pumps on sand filters can cause media channeling and cause high pressure in the filter, ultimately damaging the equipment. Media Channeling occurs when water burrows holes from the top of the filter to the bottom; so that the water is no longer filtered. Oversizing pumps on cartridge filters will also result in high pressures, damaging both the filter elements and other filter components.

Pool Pumps for other Applications

We can advise you on which pump will be suitable to replace your existing pump in any other pool application, whether you are replacing a pool pump for heating and water features. 

All heaters will have a flow rate that needs to be sized correctly. Bigger pumps are not better. 

A large pump will mean water passes through the solar matting quickly, and heat transfer does not take place efficiently in a solar heating situation. 

Gas Heaters also have minimum and maximum flow rates. Before purchasing a pool pump, we strongly recommend you speak to us for advice.

How do they Work?

Pool pumps are centrifugal pumps that spin water using an impeller attached to the pump shaft. As pool water enters the pump impeller, the rotational force drives water into a diffuser and then the volute, where it exits the pump and continues through the rest of the system.

It is important to note that pool pumps must be primed with water in order to operate. 


Talk to the team at about your requirements; we can quote and recommend the right pool pump and all equipment required for a complete pool system. Please Contact us and we will happily answer any questions.  


Need installation? Please Contact us, and we will arrange the installation of pool pumps in most areas across Australia.


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