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Pool Sand Filters

Pool Sand Filters are the most popular method of pool filtration. They are the lowest maintenance of all filtration methods. Sand Filters work by collecting the impurities from the pool water as it circulates through the pool system. These impurities build up in the filter media ie. sand, zeolite or glass. The filter pressure will increase as the media gets clogged as more impurities are collected and the filter will require cleaning.

Cleaning a sand filter is simple. Simply turn off the pool system and turn the valve to "backwash". Then turn on the pool system. Water will be reversed through the system pushing the impurities that were collected through the backwash line, which is connected to the sewer. 

Most sand filters will need back washing around every month but this will also depend on how dirty the pool gets or if there has been an algae infection. There is a sight glass either on the Multi-Port Valve or on the backwash pipe where the dirt can be viewed leaving the pool. Once the water runs clear the filter is clean. 

The next process is to turn off the filtration system and turn the valve to "Rinse" on the Multi-Port Valve and turn the system back on. Rinse for around 30 second and this will clean the pipes so that when the system is switched back to "Filter" on the valve there is no cloud of dirt returning to the pool.  

Choosing the right filter

We have a wide selection of leading pool Sand Filters to help make cleaning and sanitising your swimming pool cost effective, simple and convenient. Sand Filters are far lower maintenance than cartridge filters and if you have the room will always be our preference.   


Talk to the team at about your requirements. We can advise on equipment for new pools or replacing existing equipment.   

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