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Viron Connect 10 Control System

The Viron Connect 10 is easy to use and provides automation to control your pool and spa. The Connect 10 is designed and built in Australia. 

The major advantage of the Astral Connect 10 is that you no longer need to go to your pool equipment to control equipment. This is particularly useful to isolate the pool and spa. This means anyone can simply push a button and the spa will be isolated and ready to use. No more worrying about turn the wrong valve and damaging pool equipment. 

On your way home after work, sitting in a traffic jam and feeling like a spa when you get home. There will be no waiting for the spa to heat up. Simply push spa mode and your valves will move, pool and spa lights will turn on and the heater will ignite. With the optional WiFi Module control everything from your phone or ipad.

What can it control

  • valves to isolate the spa
  • pool lights
  • actuator valves
  • solar heating
  • pressure cleaners
  • filtration
  • Heaters
  • energy efficient pumps
  • spa pumps
  • and more


We can help if you are looking to replace your existing control system or add automation make it easy to control your pool and spa. Please Contact us and we will gladly answer your questions on The Astral Connect 10 Control System.

As an Astral Alliance Partner we will provide you with expert advice on Connect 10 Systems.