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Phosphate Removers | Starver Phosphate Remover

What are Phosphates

Phosphate is a naturally occuring element that Algae feeds on. Algae are plants and need phosphate as their food source. Phosphate removers remove this food source and help manage algae in swimming pools.

Where do Phosphates come from?

Phosphates can enter your pool in several ways

  • kids peeing in the pool
  • human body (shower before using the pool will help)
  • Animals such as fruit bats or ducks
  • decomposing leaf litter, grass clippings, mulch, windblown dust and dirt, garden soil
  • high levels are common after rain due water runoff from the garden as fertilisers and other contaminants enter the pool
  • bore water and tank water
  • Some Pool Chemicals such as Metal Removers, cell cleaners and  stain removers can contain Phosphates

Importance of Phosphate Remover for Pools

High phosphate levels are a sign of the underlying cause as to why your pool has consistent outbreaks of green algae even though your Chlorine is at the correct level.

No phosphate limits the opportunity for algae to grow and allows Chlorine and other chemicals to keep algae in check.

See our range of LoChlor Phosphate Removers. 

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