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Pool Test Kits

Test your swimming pool water like an expert whether you have an in-ground, above ground, salt or chlorine swimming pool.  By using a good pool water test kit, you'll be able to balance your swimming pool and spa water chemicals. We recommend that you test your water at least once per week, more depending on how many people are using the pool and after heavy rain.

Pool Test Kit Range

Test Strips

Pool Test Strips are the easiest and quickest way to test your pool water. They give you good idea of what is happening to your water but are not as accurate as other methods. Test Strips are a good way to test your water between pool shop visits.

Drop Test Kits

Pool Drop Test are more accurate than using test strips and are more time consuming. They come with easy to follow instructions. Pool Drop Test Kits usually use a combination of Drops and tablets to test the water. 


For accuracy photometers are the best choice. These are now mandatory for commercial pools and are used by pool professions. They do rely on the user to compare colours to get a reading. 

Please Contact us to discuss pool test kit options.

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