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Air Switches

An Air Switch allows you to operate pool and spa equipment safely. An Air Switch uses air pressure which is generated from an Air Button to activate a device. When the Air Button is pressed, air is compressed in a thin air tube that is connected to the switch. The compressed air triggers the air switch which turns on a power point that activates the device. This means you can sitting in the water an operating an electical device as there is no chance of electric shock. 

Air switch controllers are available in single or dual outputs, 10amp or 15amp outputs and also have optional time clocks.

Some devices have inbuilt air switches (Astral Pool SX1200 Blower with Air switch) so that an external switch is not required.


We can help if you are looking to control pool and spa equipment. Please Contact us and we will gladly answer your questions on Air Switches.


Need installation? Call us and we can arrange installation of Pool & Spa Controllers in most metropolitan areas. Air Switches are plug in devices which are a DIY job.