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Pool Filters - Cartridge Filters and Sand Filters

Pool Filters

Pool filters are an essential part of every pool. Their role is to remove the dirt and other matter in the water to help reduce the growth of bacteria and keep your water clean. 

There are two types of Pool filters commonly used in swimming pools - Sand and Cartridge Pool Filters.

Sand Filters (now known as Media Filters) 

The sand filter is the most commonly used; its popularity is low maintenance and durability. Water flows through a media bed, which may be sand, zeolite, or glass.  

Sand filters collect particles larger than 15 microns, but with the new media technology filtration, this can be as low as 3 microns. These impurities eventually clog up the media material, and the filter will require cleaning. 

Back-washing cleans Sand filters, a process where the water is reversed through the filter to clean the filter and restore filter efficiency, a simple process that makes these filters popular, but there is a lot of water wasted. 

When plumbing the back-wash pipe, it is essential that it is plumbed to the sewer, not to storm-water and that there is an air gap between the sewer and the back-wash line to prevent bacteria from the sewer from getting into the pool system.

Cartridge Pool Filters

Pool Cartridge Filters use a porous cylinder of cotton, polyester, or paper material in a replaceable cartridge. 

Cartridges achieve a large surface area by folding the fabric around the central core. The most common material is polyester, giving a reasonable compromise between solids removal and flow rate. 

Cartridge filters cannot be back-washed; the filter element must be removed and washed and hosed clean. 

Cartridges generally last for two years. These are popular with tight installations and areas that have limited water. 


Talk to the team at about your requirements; we can quote for a complete filtration system. Please Contact us and we will happily answer any questions on pool filters.  


Need installation? Call us today! We can arrange the installation of pool filters in most areas across Australia.

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