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Pool Heat Pumps

Pool Heat Pumps are an efficient method of heating your pool. Pool Heat Pumps are not designed to heat pools quickly, they are left on for a long period of time to maintain water temperature.

It is common for heat pumps to be plumbed through the pool filtration system so that each time the pool pump turns on it will activate the flow switch inside the pool heat pump. We recommend running pool heat pumps from Spring through to Autumn. The thermotat inside the heater will switch the heat pump on and off as required.

If you are using your pool sporadically it may be better to choose a Pool Gas Heater. Gas heaters are quicker to heat the pool and will be cheaper for infrequent use. Gas Heaters are also better for winter use.

Solar Pool Heating is another popular form of pool heating. Pool Heat pumps have several advantages over solar. They are able to operate on overcast days and in cold conditions. Another major disadvantage of solar is that they commonly leak. Birds love chewing on them and with many pools now being salt water, house gutters rust and need replacement.

Pool Heat Pumps can operate in winter but will need to be sized correctly. The Heat Pump will need to be a lot larger which will not just mean a much higher purchase price but may also require 3 phase electricity. 


How Heat Pumps Work

Pool Heat Pumps extract heat from the air. A fan inside the heater draws ambient temperature air into the heater to an evaporator. The refridgerant inside the evaporator turns from a liquid to gas as the air enters the heater. A compressor moves the gaseous refridgerant through a series of tubes which creates heat. This heat is then transfered to the pool water through a heat exchanger. 


We will help you find the right pool heat for your pool and advise if a Pool Heat Pump is going to meet your needs. Please Contact us and we will gladly answer your questions on Pool Heat Pumps.  

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