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Pool Cartridge Filters come in wide range of sizes to suit spas to large swimming pools. Impurities are collected in a porous cylinder usually made from polyester. 

Pool Cartridge Filters have some advantages over Pool Sand Filters. Firstly, cartridge filters are compact, which means they can fit into tight locations. Secondly, they require less work to install as no backwashline and no media is required to fill them. As cartridge filters can not be backwashed and must be cleaned by hand, far less water is used compared to sand filters. Lastly, they can handle higher flow rates than sand filters which makes them suitable for spas and application where filtration is required on high flow pumps. 

Pool Cartridges are not as popular as Pool Sand Filters as there is more maintenance to keep clean. Usually the cartridge filter element will need to be removed each month and cleaned with a hose. This involves turning off the system, closing necessary valves, removing cartridge lid, then the cartridge, cleaning and putting it all back together again. Occasionally specialised cartridge cleaner will required to clean the cartridge.

Waterco Cyclone

A good option to reduce maintenance is a Waterco Cyclone. The Waterco Cyclone is a centrifuge that spins out a lot of dirt before it makes it to the cartridge. This will reduce the cleaning the cartridge and extend the cartridge life. 

Water Savings

A normal sized pool usually has a 1 Hp pool Pump which will have a flow rate of roughly 200 litres per minute. A backwash usually takes 5 minutes to complete. Water savings would be 1000 litres per month.  This makes cartridge filters popular during times of water restrictions.  


We stock a wide selection of Pool Cartridge Filters.  Cartridge Filters are compact in size working well when limited for space and unable to use a backwash line to the sewer. Our brands include Astral Pool (Hurlcon), Waterco, Onga, Zodiac and Davey. 

We will help you find the right filter for your pool and advise which Cartridge Filter is going to meet your needs.  Please call us on 02 9970 5115 or Contact us and we will gladly answer your questions on Pool Cartridge Filters.




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