Zodiac G2

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Zodiac G2 Pool Cleaner

Highly efficient affordable suction pool cleaner.  The Zodiac G2 is a proven workhorse with one moving part.  Suitable for in-ground and above ground pools.

What do you get?

  • Zodiac G2 head with Disc
  • 12m Twist Lock Hose (12 x 1m sections)
  • Hose Weight
  • Leader Hose Adaptor
  • Deflector Wheel (Medium)
  • AD Flow Valve
  • Zodiac's Pool Pulse
  • Hose Protection mesh
  • Backed by a 2 year warranty
Technology Hydraulic suction
Installation To the skimmer box with AD Flow Valve
Hose length 12m
Inground & above ground pools Recommended for max. 12m x 6m
All shapes Rectangular, oval, round, free form
All bottoms Flat, gentle slope, varying slope
All surfaces Tile, concrete, pebblecrete, quartzon, fibreglass and vinyl
Warranty 2 Yrs


Customer Reviews

Based on 36 reviews
Zodiac G2 Pool Cleaner

I have had swimming pools for more than 40 years and the Zodiac G2 has been the best pool cleaner for them all. The Poolshop staff were very efficient and my pool cleaner arrived without a problem. Thanks for the great service.

Pleased Customer

I was pleasantly surprised at the speed of the delivery. Far quicker than the last one I got from a competitor a few years ago. Turns out it's much cheaper to buy a complete unit and break it up for spares rather than replace individual pieces as they wear out. I got my original G2 around 5 years ago and it's only now that parts (other than hoses and diaphragm) are starting to die so I'm well pleased. The unit works well but does have a tendency to get stuck in the corners of the steps quite frequently.

New G2 after 8 years

My last Zodiac G2 lasted 8 years and probably would have gone for r or two but I decided to treat myself to a new one. Looked at all that was available and settled on the old faithful. Been in the pool just over a week now and it’s seen just about all the interior of my pool. Doesn’t get stuck, stop or faulted. Set it up as the instructions say and it works.👍
Good value for money. Only replace the diaphragm ever year or so and the skirt and suction pad every 2 - 3 years and the rest looks after itself. Don’t know why they make the other models. This is the most practical

Fantastic Customer service

Great value and they had the option of supplying with the older style hoses, so I could keep the new hoses as spares and use up the relatively new hoses off my previous G2 which I had for 16 years. It was then and still is the best pool cleaner on the market, made from quality materials and only one moving part. Customer service was also outstanding. Will definitely shop here again.

Full marks for the G2

The Zodiac G2 works extremely well. It is well designed and is a major improvement on an earlier Zodiac model I had. It was easy to install. It does not get stuck in 'corners' of the pool around steps or flip over after climbing pools sides.

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