Rebel Pool Cleaner

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Pentair Rebel Pool Cleaner

Rebel Pool Cleaner - turbine driven. Supplied with 10 x 1m hose, regulator valve and skimmer box assembly kit.

New tyres are now available for smooth surfaces ie. tiled and fibreglass pool surfaces (Released at SPASA Trade Show 2018).

Pentair Rebel Pool Cleaner destroys dirt, fights filth & sucks up sand and debris. Save energy and use with a variable speed pump. 

The Rebel cleaner’s programmed steering and compact, two-wheeled design moves Rebel decisively throughout your pool. It maneuvers from deep to shallow bottoms, up 90 degree floor-to-wall angles all the way to the water line, and into tight spaces that other cleaners miss. The Rebel cleaner’s extra-efficient hydraulic design makes it ideal for use with variable speed pumps at lower speeds. Installation is a snap—just set it and forget it. And with a sleek, modern design, the Rebel cleaner is a complement to any pool environment. 

• Programmed steering assures complete, thorough pool cleaning coverage.

• Super-efficient design makes it ideal for use with variable speed pumps at lower speeds.

• Superior turbine design provides clear passage for vacuumed dirt and debris, avoiding the clogging that is common with other 2-wheel cleaners.

• Effortlessly cleans tight corners and pools with 90 degree angles.

• Cleans to the tile line.

• A cinch to install and maintain.

What do you get?

  • Rebel cleaner body
  • Hose float
  • Threaded Adaptor
  • Reducer Cone
  • Regulator Valve
  • Elbow
  • Flow gauge
  • Hose Set - 11 Sections (10 Standard Hoses, 1 Leader Hose)
  • 3 Year Limited Warranty
  • Suits all pool surfaces - concrete, fibreglass, tiles, pebblecrete, quartzon, vinyl 


  • Sure-Flow Turbine— Dirt & debris pass through easily to avoid clogging.
  • Advanced Hydraulic Technology — Ideal for use with variable speed or two-speed pumps.
  • Dual Action Roller Skirt — Manoeuvers up and over obstacles for uninterrupted cleaning.
  • Programmed Cleaning Cycle – Assures complete and thorough pool cleaning coverage.
  • Compact Footprint — Effortlessly cleans tight corners and pools with 90 degree angles.
  • Quick-Release Latch — Top access for easy serviceability.
  • 3 Year Limited Warranty

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Customer Reviews

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Rebel Pool Cleaner

Have had 3 different pool cleaners for our above ground vinyl pool with wedding cake steps and the Rebel has been by far the best from the get go. We are hoping that continues. The Poolshop was a pleasure to deal with from initial enquiry through to fast efficient delivery of cleaner.

Performing well

Easy to install and performing well. Importantly, it covers the full pool area without getting stuck in corners

Great service

Had the right tyres for tiled pool without having to buy extra tyres. Rebel cleaner is silent and works well.

Pentair Rebel Auto

Very happy with my Rebel pool cleaner, working fantastic.

Rebel pool cleaner

Working well, great to look in the morning at a pool with only the odd leaf in it. Dispatch and delivery excellent

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