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Feb 23, 2024

What Does a Pool Chlorinator Do?

Are you wondering how to keep your pool water clean and safe for swimming? One of the most efficient methods to achieve this is through the use of a pool chlorinator. This guide will explain what a pool chlorinator is, how it works, and the benefits it offers, ensuring you have all the information you need to make an informed decision about your pool maintenance.

What is a Pool Chlorinator?

A pool chlorinator is a device designed to automatically maintain the chlorine levels in your swimming pool, ensuring the water is sanitised and free of harmful bacteria and algae. By automating the process of chlorine distribution, pool chlorinator not only save you time and effort but also keep your pool water in pristine condition.

How Does a Pool Chlorinator Work?

There are various types of pool chlorinators, but the most common and effective type is the saltwater chlorinator. Saltwater chlorinators convert salt into chlorine through a process called electrolysis. When saltwater passes through the chlorinator's cell, it is electrified, transforming the dissolved salt (sodium chloride) into chlorine. This newly formed chlorine then goes on to sanitise the pool water, neutralising bacteria and algae, before eventually turning back into salt, and the cycle continues. This self-regenerating process means you won't have to add chlorine manually to your pool as often, making maintenance easier and more cost-effective.

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The Benefits of Using a Pool Chlorinator

  • Improved Water Quality: Pool chlorinators ensure a steady and consistent chlorine level, which significantly enhances the water quality, making it softer on the skin and more comfortable for swimming.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: Though the initial setup cost for a saltwater chlorinator might be higher, it saves money in the long run due to the reduced need for manual chlorine additions and lower chemical costs.
  • Convenience: Automating the chlorination process eliminates the need for daily manual chlorine dosing, freeing up your time while ensuring your pool remains clean and safe.
  • Eco-Friendly: Saltwater chlorinators are environmentally friendly, as they reduce the need for manufactured chlorine products, which can have a higher environmental footprint. 

Choosing the Right Pool Chlorinator

Selecting the appropriate pool chlorinator depends on several factors, including your pool size, type, and your personal maintenance preferences. It's crucial to choose a chlorinator with a capacity suitable for your pool's volume to ensure efficient sanitation. Additionally, consider the maintenance requirements and ease of use of the chlorinator system to align with your lifestyle.

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Maintenance and Care

To ensure your pool chlorinator operates effectively, regular maintenance is essential. This includes cleaning the cell to remove calcium build up, checking the salt levels, and monitoring the system's overall performance. Proper care will extend the life of your chlorinator and keep your pool water clean and inviting.

A pool chlorinator is an indispensable tool for any pool owner looking to simplify their pool maintenance while ensuring the water remains clean and safe for swimming. By understanding how chlorinators work and the benefits they offer, you can choose the right system for your pool and enjoy a hassle-free swimming experience. Remember, a well-maintained pool chlorinator is the key to a healthy, sparkling pool.

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