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Mar 8, 2024

How to Reduce Chlorine in Pool

Balancing the chlorine levels in your pool is crucial for ensuring a safe and comfortable swimming environment. While chlorine is essential for sanitising pool water, too much can cause irritation to the skin and eyes, and even affect the pool equipment. At Pool Shop, based in NSW, Australia, we understand the importance of maintaining the perfect balance in your pool water. This guide will provide you with reliable and effective methods to reduce chlorine levels in your pool, ensuring a healthier swim for you and your family.

1. Let the Sun Work:

One of the simplest methods to reduce chlorine levels in your pool is to take advantage of the natural UV rays from the sun. UV rays can help break down excessive chlorine. If you notice high chlorine levels, consider uncovering your pool during sunny days to naturally decrease the chlorine concentration.


Pool Controls Salt Water Chlorinator

2. Partial Water Replacement:

Diluting your pool water by partially draining and refilling it with fresh water can effectively lower the chlorine levels. This method is straightforward but requires careful consideration of water restrictions and environmental impact.

3. Chemical Neutralisers:

Using a chlorine neutraliser is a quick and efficient way to reduce chlorine levels. Products like sodium thio-sulfate can be purchased from reputable suppliers like Pool Shop here. It’s vital to follow the manufacturer's instructions carefully to avoid under or overdosing.

4. Activated Carbon Filtration:

Incorporating an activated carbon filter into your pool's filtration system can absorb excess chlorine. This method is not only effective for reducing chlorine but also for improving overall water clarity and removing other contaminants.

Chemigem D10 Pool Chlorinator - Dual Pump

Chemigem D10 Pool Chlorinator - Dual Pump

5. Increase Pool Usage:

Interestingly, more activity in your pool can help lower chlorine levels. Swimmers naturally introduce substances like ammonia and nitrogen into the water, which can react with chlorine, reducing its concentration. Encouraging more pool use can be a fun and natural method to adjust chlorine levels.

6. Test and Balance Regularly:

Regular testing of your pool water is essential to keep track of the chlorine levels and other important chemical balances. Use reliable testing kits to monitor your pool's condition closely and adjust as necessary to maintain a healthy balance.

Excessive chlorine levels can detract from the enjoyment of your swimming pool, but with the right approach, you can easily manage and maintain ideal conditions for you and your family. Whether you're in NSW or elsewhere in Australia, our online store offers a wide range of products and solutions to meet all your pool maintenance needs. Remember, regular care and adjustment are key to a safe and inviting pool.

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