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Sep 27, 2023

Should I Switch to a Salt Chlorinator?

Owning a pool brings the responsibility of maintaining its water quality. While there's no mandate for commercial pools to use a pool chlorinator, for many private pools, shifting to a salt chlorinator offers several benefits. Let's explore why you might consider making the switch:

  1. Automated Chlorination:

Eliminate the need for regular manual addition of chlorine. A pool chlorinator maintains chlorine levels, reducing the hassle of handling dangerous chemicals.

  1. Understanding Salt Chlorinators:

It's a myth that saltwater pools are chlorine-free. The appeal of salt chlorinators is their convenience and simplicity. Rather than buying and storing liquid chlorine, salt chlorinators produce it on-site. Interestingly, liquid chlorine, or Sodium Hypochlorite, is itself produced using salt. Thus, even if you've been using liquid chlorine, your pool would have a salt content.

  1. No More Chlorine Shopping:

Forget about frequent trips to purchase chlorine or lugging around heavy containers. With a salt chlorinator, the days of last-minute chlorine shopping are behind you.

Pool Controls SWC Salt Chlorinators

  1. Consistency in Salt Levels:

Salt isn't consumed during chlorine production. It's only diluted, mainly due to rainwater overflow. Since salt chlorinators work across a range of salt concentrations, there's no need for constant adjustments.

  1. Easy Conversion Process:

If you decide to shift, the process is straightforward. Add salt and install a salt chlorinator, and your pool starts generating its chlorine. The salt concentration is roughly a tenth of what's found in seawater.

  1. Experience Enhanced Water Quality:

Many chlorinators are compatible with mineral salts. Just as you'd add Epsom Salt to your bath for a soothing effect, Magnesium Chloride can be introduced to your pool. This softens the water, making swimming more enjoyable and less abrasive to the skin.

  1. Modern Features:

Advanced salt chlorinators now come equipped with sensors to monitor chlorine and pH levels, automatically adjusting the pool's chemistry as needed. Products like the Astral Equilibrium lead the market in this niche, and they stand as viable alternatives to traditional systems that balance pH and chlorine levels.

Chemigem D10 Pool Chlorinator

Switching to a salt chlorinator can make pool maintenance simpler and more efficient. If you're considering such a change, it's essential to get expert advice tailored to your pool's specifics.

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