Polaris 280 Tune Up Kit

SKU: W7230002

Polaris 280 Tune Up Kit

The Polaris 280 Tune Up kit contains the necessary parts to rebuild your Polaris 280 Pool Cleaner in one kit. We also sell these Polaris 280 Parts seperately.

Suitable for:

Polaris 280 Pool Cleaner

Polaris 180 Pool Cleaner

Contents includes:

2 x W7230226 - Polaris Axle Large with Sand/Gravel Guard

8 x W7230223 - Polaris 280 Wheel Bearing

4 x W7230222 - Polaris Plastic Wheel Screw

4 x W7230224 - Polaris Wheel Washer

3 x W7530206 - Polaris Sweep Hose Attach Clamp

3 x W7230209 - Polaris Wheel (No bearings incl)

1 x W7230225 - Polaris Axle Large (Rear Wheel Only)

1 x W7230213 - Polaris 280 Idler Wheel

1 x W7230219 - Polaris 280 swing axle kit

2 x W7230229 - Polaris turbine bearing

1 X W7230230 - Polaris 180/280 turbine shaft tubes

1 x W7230231 - Polaris Drive Shaft Assembly


Genuine Factory Parts

Authorised Polaris Dealers

Polaris 280 Tune Up Kit part number w7230002

Customer Reviews

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Paul Ingle
Polaris 280 Tune up Kit supplied by Poolshop.com.au

After fitting all the parts supplied I have found my Polaris 280 works as good as new.
There was one aspect that there was not clear instruction nor was their a good diagram for renewing and replacing the swing axel part for the 280 in the fixed position.
The instructions show how the 180 swing axle is replaced but does not show clearly how the 280 is replaced. I have fitted as best I can and it is all holding together. If anything will fail I fear that this may not stand the test of time.
All is working fine at the moment.

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