Delta Hot Pumps

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Waterco Delta Hot Pumps

The Delta Hot Pump range combines high technology pump design with modern motors to produce a compact and efficient pump. Their compact size allows easily installed in the tightest situations.

An Air Switch Button is used to cycle through the available modes of the Delta Hot Pump. The Air Button is sold separately and is available in different styles to suit the spa. 


  • 1.6kw heater with a 860 watt pump 
  • Operates 5-6 Jets
  • Compact 260mm (H) x 185mm (W) x 475 mm (L)
  • Streamlined compact design.   
  • Choice of models for most bath sizes.   
  • Accessories available.   
  • Flexible unions, Air Switches and Air relief valves supplied as standard.   
  • Quiet, safe and reliable operation.   
  • Australian designed and manufactured.   
  • Complies with Australian / New Zealand Standards AS / NZS 3136


Waterco’s comprehensive 12-month warranty covers Portapac Spa Pool Systems

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