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The Benefits of a Pool Cover

Pool Covers Reduce Evaporation

Pool Covers are the best way to prevent evaporation in your pool and will reduce evaporation by more than 97%. With drought conditions across many areas of Australia water has become a precious and scarce resource. 

Pool Covers and Heating

Pool Covers have the ability to heat your pool with solar energy. The suns energy passes through the pool blanket and heats the pool water (as illustrated in the image below). The pool cover also insulates the pool preventing evaporation and keeps the heat in.

The insulation properties of Pavis Pool Covers also has  additional benefits when using Gas Pool Heaters or Pool Heat Pumps. Not only is the pool warmer due to the solar energy; cutting down on the run time of heaters, but heat loss is less which makes pool heating more efficient.  


Pool Covers - How The Solar Heating Works



The table below shows what you would expect when adding a Pavis Pool Cover to your pool. No matter where you are located your swim season will be extended. If you look at the temperature figures in Darwin, the temperatures will be to warm and we can offer a Non-Heating Pool Cover which still offers the evaporation benefits without the solar heating.

Pool Cover Heating Benefit

Selecting the right Pool Cover

Pavis Pool Covers have been rigorously tested. The Smart Bubble Technology have thicker walls than other pool covers on the market and are constructed from polyethylene with UV inhibitors that ensure durability and long life. Pavis Pool Covers are Waterwise and Climatecare Certified (see below).  

 Climate Care CertifiedWaterwise Certified

Pool Cover Smart Bubble Technology