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Pool Covers | The Benefits of a Solar Pool Cover

A pool cover is one of the best investments any pool owner can make.  Extending the swimming season by keeping the water warm and prevents water and energy loss through evaporation.  If you have a heated pool, a well-fitted pool cover can immediately save up to 40-50% on energy costs. 

Pool Cover Benefits:

  • Reduce evaporation: Pool covers keep evaporation to a minimum.  An average pool can lose up to 5mm of water every day due to evaporation.  By regularly using a pool cover you can reduce this loss of water by up to 95%.
  • Improve water cleanliness: up to 90% of debris like dirt, leaves, insects and ducks can be kept out of the pool with a well-fitted pool cover.  This also improves the quality of your pool water and reduces the load on the cleaning system.
  • Reduce the total cost of pool chemicals: Fitting a pool cover may also reduce the amount of pool chlorine lost to the sun’s UV rays and decrease the amount of stabilizer that is required.
  • Extend your swimming season: Covers can increase the pool temperature by around 6-8 degrees Celsius in pools that receive sunlight.

Types of Pool Covers

  • Bubble Covers: Solar bubble covers in the Pavis range come in blue, green, premium blue and Silver Backed Titanium .  We always recommend the Silver Backed Titanium, it is less inconspicuous than the brighter blue and feel a green cover is a reminder of a green pool!  These types of covers allow maximum solar energy to penetrate the pool and warm it, the air-filled bubbles forming an insulating layer which prevent the warmth from being lost again.  The cover needs to be removed regularly, so a pool roller is advisable.  We like the Pavis Fully Mobile or Pavis Directional Mobile Roller with wheels on one side option, so you can move this easily.  If the cover is left rolled up in the sun it must be covered to prevent damage from overheating.  It's recommended that when you first receive the cover that you leave the cover on the pool for at least a week to allow the cover to shrink (especially in warm climates) before cutting and fitting to your pool. 
  • Non-Heating Covers: Non-Heating blankets such as the Pavis Kool Pool Cover are designed for tropical Australia where pool temperatures are too high, and you want to block out the sun.  This keeps your pool cool and doesn’t heat up like a spa pool!
  • Liquid Pool Covers: These work by forming a liquid barrier on the surface of the pool.  They don’ need to be on a roller or removed and replaced as a traditional cover does.  They are made from biodegradable ingredients which slows heat loss and water evaporation without affecting the chemical balance of the pool.  Contact us to discuss the AstralSavr Liquid Pool Cover that works with the Astral Pool Liquid Blanket Doser.


We offer the Best Price and Advice on Pool Covers and Rollers.  For further information Contact us by email or phone 02 9970 5115 and we will be happy to help select the right pool cover for your pool.

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