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Wall Mounted Replacement Pool Lights

Replacement Pool lights are easy to fit and include all the necessary wire connection to create a water tight seal. Lights can be changed in most cases without lowering the pool water level and as wall mounted lights are multi-voltage so there is no need to change the light transformer. The Aquaquip and Spa Electric LED lights are suitable for replacing most existing wall mounted pool lights.  

Replacement Pool Lights allows you to remove your entire light and replace the whole unit with a new light. As pool lights spend their life underwater in harsh environments replacement is sometimes a better option than repairing the pool light.

  • Replacement pool lights attach your existing cable to the replacement light. 
  • Aquaquip and Spa Electrics Replacement Pool Lights are Australian Made.
  • Upgrade existing pool lights without lowering the pool water level or changing the existing transformer. 

Installation Problems

Lights should have enough cable so that when they are unscrewed from their wall bracket that they can reach the pool connect so that the new light can be connected. If the light cable is too short, the pool will need to be dropped so that a cable extension can be added. 

Another problem can result if surface has been redone over the wall bracket. The solution is to empty the pool, grind off the old wall bracket and screw in a new wall bracket.  

The cable over many years deteriorates and no longer supplies 12volts to the lights. A new cable needs to be pulled through the conduit. It is not always easy and may need an electrician. 


Wall Mounted 

Both Aquaquip and Spa Electrics have replacement lights to suit most older brands. In some rare cases some other parts will be required to attach the new light. As older wall mounted lights 

Spa Electrics Replacement Pool Lights

  • GK wall Mounted Pool Lights
  • available in single colour, TRI Colour & Multi Colour
  • recommended for Vinyl & Fibreglass
  • Multi -Voltage

Aquaquip Replacement Pool Lights

  • QC wall Mounted Pool Lights
  • available in single colour and Multi Colour
  • NOT recommended for Vinyl & Fibreglass
  • Multi -Voltage


We will help you find the right replacement pool light for your pool. Please Contact us and we will gladly answer your questions on Wall Mount Replacement Pool Lights.