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Waterco Chlorinators

Waterco Salt Chlorinators

The Waterco Chlorinator has an extensive range to keep your pool in pristine condition.  

Waterco Salt Chlorinator Models

Electrochlor Chlorinators

  • Waterco's Electrochlor Mineral Chlorinator automatically maintains correct sanitiser levels, preventing the growth of stubborn algae and keeping pool water sparkling clean. 
  • Energy-saving power pack and battery backup
  • Self-Cleaning salt cell
  • low salt alarms & pump protection
  • variable speed pump control
  • 3 sizes:- 20gm, 25gm, and 30gm
  • 5000ppm required

Hydrochlor  Mineral Chlorinator

  • Works with both salt and minerals (minerals such as magnesium)
  • Switch mode power supply
  • recognises cell size and automatically adjusts the power output
  • Self-cleaning salt cell


The team at the Poolshop will help you find the suitable salt chlorinator for your pool and advise which Waterco Salt Chlorinator is best going to meet your needs. We pride ourselves on giving the right advice and will always consider the volume of the pool in litres if you heat the pool and where you are located, so we know the average temperature. These factors are vital to ensuring that you have the correct size chlorinator for your pool. Please Contact us, and we will gladly answer your questions.  


Need installation? Please Contact us, and we will arrange the installation of Salt Chlorinators in most areas across Australia.

For more information on the Waterco Chlorinator range, visit the Waterco Chlorinator page

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