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Onga Pool Cleaners

Onga Pool Cleaners

Onga Pool Cleaners are extremely well reviewed and well priced.  

Also known as Pentair they sell pool cleaners under the names Pentair Pool Cleaners and Onga Pool Cleaners. While Onga also have robotic pool cleaners and pressure cleaner in their range, they specialise and are renowned for their pool suction cleaners.  If you are looking for a robotic or pressure cleaner model, Contact us and we will assist you.  

The Onga HammerHead and the Pentair Rebel are both suction cleaners and both attach to your pool skimmer box. The difference is one is non-mechanical (HammerHead) and the other is mechanical (Rebel).  When the filtration pool pump turns, water is sucked through the cleaner hose, creating suction under the cleaner which drives the cleaner around the pool while vacuuming up all the dirt and debris.  All the leaves are the caught in the skimmer basket and the finer debris in the pool cleaner filter.   

The difference between the Onga Hammer Head and the Rebel comes down to how they move - 

Onga HammerHead - Non-Mechanical Suction Pool Cleaner

The Onga HammerHead Pool Cleaner is a non-mechanical Suction Cleaners. It uses a hammer to create suction and movement and unlike other non-mechanical suction pool cleaners does not have a diaphragm. The Rubber disc agitates dirt and allows the cleaner to climb up the walls with ease.  The Onga HammerHead is well priced and well reviewed making this pool cleaner one of the best value cleaners we stock and sell.

Pentair Rebel 2 - Mechanical Suction Pool Cleaner

Pentair Rebal Pool Cleaners are mechanical Suction cleaners and have internal gears. These gears allow the cleaner to make a series of turns and solve the problem of poor coverage that may be experienced with non-mechanical pool cleaners. This cleaner has proven to be a popular choice.


We pride ourselves on recommending and assisting you to find the right pool cleaner for your pool.  Please Contact us and our team will assist in answering all your questions about the Onga Pool Cleaners we stock and recommend.

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