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Niche Replacement Pool Lights (fit into housing)

Niche Replacement Pool Lights

Replacement lights are easy to fit and include all the necessary wire connections to create a water tight seal. There are several different flush (niche) lights on the market. The most commonly installed lights are Aquaquip, Waterco and Spa Electric. As these lights fit into housings specifically made for them we will need to know exactly which light you have installed. All these brands have new LED Pool Lights available for replacement.

Aquastar Pool Lights have a white housing and Spa Electrics and Waterco Pool Lights have black housings. We are able to help identify your existing lights for you.

Some older flush lights such as Stroud and Filtrite will need to be changed to Wall Mounted Lights as flush light replacements are not available. Some extra fittings will be required to mount the new light over the recessed housing. For more information Contact us.

Replacement Pool Lights allows you to remove your entire light and replace the whole unit with a new light. As pool lights spend their life underwater in harsh environments having a replacement is sometimes a better option than repairing the exisiting pool light.

  • Replacement pool lights attach your existing cable to the replacement light. 
  • Aquaquip and Spa Electrics Replacement Pool Lights are Australian Made.
  • Upgrade existing pool lights without lowering the pool water level or changing the existing transformer.  


Flush Mounted Replacement Lights

Spa Electrics Replacement Pool Lights

  • WNRX Flush replacement Pool Lights
  • available in single colour & Multi Colour LED 
  • Also replaces Waterco Flush Lights

Aquaquip Replacement Pool Lights

  • Aquastar Replacement Halogen or EVOII and EVO Max LED Replacement Lights
  • available in single colour (green, blue, white) and Multi Colour


We will help you find the right replacement pool lights for your pool. Please Contact us and we will gladly answer your questions on pool lights.