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Sep 27, 2023

Selecting the Right Swimming Pool Pump

Selecting the right pool pump is important for a well-functioning swimming pool. It helps with proper filtration and ensures the best performance of other features like heaters, water features, and cleaning systems. In this article, we will explain how to choose the right filtration pump for keeping your pool water clean.

Understanding Flow Rates and Pool Size

Many mistakenly believe that you should pair pool pumps with the size of the pool. While it's a factor, it's not the sole consideration. There are large pools with minimal filtration and smaller pools with expansive filtering systems. The crux lies in aligning the pump with the filter to ensure the flow rate is spot on.

Aquastream Solar Pump

Sand Filters – The Slow and Steady

Sand filters favour a gentle flow. It's pivotal to observe both their minimum and maximum flow rates:

Minimum flow rate is vital for thoroughly backwashing and cleaning the sand inside.

Maximum Flow Rate: Designed to prevent the sand from "channelling," where water drills holes through the sand, bypassing the filtration process. Always refer to manufacturer guidelines for flow rates to ensure efficient filtration.

Cartridge Filters – The Flexible Workhorse

Distinct from sand filters, cartridge filters have only a maximum flow rate. Since they don't require back-washing, there's no minimum flow rate. They can handle diverse flow rates and are typically sized based on pool dimensions.

Problematic Pairings

Issues usually arise with large pools paired with small filters. For instance, a 70,000-litre pool might conventionally pair with a 28-inch filter and a 1.5 Hp pump. However, many such pools have 21 or 25-inch filters, necessitating a ¾ Hp or 1 Hp pump.

To tackle this mismatch, you might need to upgrade the filter or align the pump with the filter. Over-sizing can also inflate power bills, so it's essential to get the pairing right.

The Green Shift – Energy-Efficient Pumps

With the world moving towards eco-friendly solutions, energy-efficient pool equipment is gaining traction. The filtration pump, often the most active equipment, has seen significant advancements. New pumps save money and have different power options, from 1 Hp to 2 Hp, giving many choices for flow rates. This flexibility ensures even pools with oversized filters can manage flow rates effectively, from regular filtration to backwashing needs.

Zodiac E3 Pool Pump

In addition to the advancements in energy-efficient pumps, there are other ways to optimize the filtration system in your pool. One option is to install a variable speed pump, which allows you to adjust the flow rate according to your needs. This not only saves energy but also extends the lifespan of the pump.

Another important aspect to consider is the size of the filter. It's crucial to choose a filter that is properly sized for your pool. A small filter is not effective at removing dirt and impurities. On the other hand, a big filter can slow down water flow and consume more energy.

To find the correct filter size, ask a pool expert who can evaluate your pool's requirements. They will consider factors such as the pool's size, usage, and any additional features like waterfalls or spas.

Additionally, regular maintenance of the filtration system is essential to ensure its optimal performance. This includes cleaning the filter regularly, backwashing when necessary, and replacing any worn-out parts. By keeping the system well-maintained, you can maximise its efficiency and prolong its lifespan.

Using energy-efficient pool equipment and optimising the filtration system saves money and helps the environment. Technology makes it easier to have an eco-friendly and affordable pool. So, take the green shift and make your pool a sustainable oasis for years to come.


Selecting the right pool pump goes beyond merely matching it to your pool size. Ensure you factor in your filter type, pool features, and environmental considerations. With the right choice, you'll not only enjoy crystal-clear water but also save on operational costs. Remember to always consult with pool supply experts for personalised recommendations.

Switching out your pool pump might seem straightforward, but it's essential to select one that aligns perfectly with your pool's requirements. Remember, bigger isn't always superior!

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