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Sep 27, 2023

Pool Cover: A Must-Have for Every Pool Owner

The Value of Pool Covers

Pool covers are a worthwhile investment for any pool enthusiast. Not only do they extend your swimming season by retaining warmth, but they also offer substantial energy and water savings. Those with heated pools can witness energy savings of up to 40-50% with a proper pool cover.

Key Advantages of Pool Covers:

Evaporation Reduction: On average, a pool can lose about 5mm of water daily because of evaporation. Using a pool cover can reduce this water loss by a whopping 95%.

Maintain Cleanliness: A snug pool cover can keep up to 90% of debris, like leaves, dirt, and insects, out of your pool. This not only ensures clearer water but also eases the strain on the pool's cleaning system.

Chemical Savings: Pool covers can reduce the amount of chlorine lost to the sun’s UV rays, which in turn decreases the stabilizer amount needed.

Warmer Water: With a cover, you can enjoy a temperature boost of approximately 6-8°C in sunlit pools, letting you swim even during cooler months.


Exploring Pool Cover Types:

Bubble Covers: These, especially from the Pavis range, come in multiple shades. The Silver Back Titanium variant is highly recommended. These covers let the sun's warmth enter the pool, with their bubbles then acting as insulators to keep the heat in. If opting for bubble covers, consider adding a pool roller, like the Pavis Fully Mobile or Pavis Directional Mobile Roller, for easy handling.

Non-Heating Covers: Ideal for tropical Australian climates where pools can get excessively warm, covers like the Pavis Kool Pool Cover are perfect for keeping the pool refreshingly cool.

Liquid Pool Covers: A unique solution that forms a liquid barrier on the pool surface, these covers do not require rolling or removal. An excellent example is the AstralSavr Liquid Pool Cover which, in conjunction with the Astral Pool Liquid Blanket Doser, offers an effective and environmentally friendly alternative.

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Choosing the right pool cover can make a world of difference in your swimming experience and maintenance routine. To ensure you make the right choice, consider reaching out to experts for guidance.

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