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Except for commercial swimming pools, there is no requirement for a pool chlorinator in a pool as it is possible to chlorinate manually. A pool chlorinator takes away the dependence on someone regularly adding chlorine to the pool and decreases the handling dangerous chemicals.

Salt water pools are not chlorine free. The main reasons for salt chlorinators popularity is convenience and their easiness. Salt Chlorinators generate chlorine onsite rather than purchasing liquid chlorine in blue drums from your local pool shop. Liquid Chlorine is Sodium Hypochlorite. This is also generated using salt and if you test a pool which has been using liquid chlorine there will be a salt reading in the pool.   The days of lifting heavy chlorine drums and rushing out to buy chlorine will be over. Your elbows and back will thank you!

Salt is not used in the generation of chlorine it will only be lost by dilution. The reduction of salt happens after rain over fills the pool and the excess water needs to be drained. As salt chlorinators handle a range of salt levels you don’t need to panic every time it rains, salt does not need to be added to the pool.  This means that you don’t need to go and pick up heavy drums of chlorine often.

Converting a pool to salt chlorination is simple. Just add salt and a salt chlorinator then chlorine will be generated onsite. The concentration of salt is around 1/10 of sea water.

All Salt Chlorinators can also handle mineral salts. Like adding Epsom Salt (Magnesium Sulfate) to your bath you can add Magnesium Chloride to your pool to soften the water making the pool water softer on the skin and improves the swimming experience.

Some salt chlorinators available can now read the chlorine and pH levels and adjust the pool water chemistry automatically. The Astral Equilibrium is the market leader in this area and can replace fully automatic Liquid chlorine and acid doses that regulate PH and chlorine levels.

We offer the Best Price and Advice on Pool Chlorinators.  For Further information Contact Us by email or phone 02 9970 5115 and we will be happy to help select the Salt Chlorinator or Automatic Liquid Feeder for your pool.

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