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If water levels in the pool seem to drop abruptly, investigate for leaks.  A leaking pool will not only waste water and money but could undermine the foundations of the pool.  If you suspect a leak, turn off the system and use a pencil to mark water lines and monitor the water level.  A leak will either be losing the same amount of water all the time or a leak which causes water loss when the filter system is running.

Being observant is the best way to identify and stop a leak.  Before calling for service, we recommend you do some checks. 

Our DIY checklist -

  • Wet areas around the pool - walk around the edge of the pool. Look for wet soil, pavement and eroded areas.
  • Plumbing, valves, pipes and joints for Leaks – look for drips as this could waste hundreds of litres per year and adds to your water bill.
  • Water Bill – check for increases in your bill.
  • Equipment On? Check the waste or backwash line for water running all the time with the filter pump on. The plumbing might be under pressure.
  • Equipment Off? Is the pool leaking all the time? Look for cracks, the tile line and inside the skimmer. 
  • Pool Lights – check the conduit that runs from the light to the junction box.

Contact Us by email or phone 02 9970 5115 as our technicians have specialised equipment to check pressure leaks and static leaks.  If we can’t resolve the leak, we will engage a leak detection company who will also use divers if required to look closely at the hydro-static valves, shell of pool etc.

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