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How to Select a Robotic Pool Cleaner | Best Robotic Pool Cleaner 

Robotic Pool Cleaners operate independently from the pool equipment and plug into a transformer which is plugged into a power point.  The robot has a motor and is driven around the pool collecting leaves in a bag or canister that is contained within the pool cleaner.

With the increase in popularity of Robotic Pool Cleaners there has been a surge of new products on the market. Some models are great and others you should avoid.

Robotic Pool Cleaners with a Bag or Canister

Robotic Pool Cleaners come in two types and there are advantages and disadvantages of both these types of cleaners.

  1. Bag style that will filter the water to 2 microns.
  2. Canister style that usually comes standard with a 200 micron and then have an option for a finer 100-micron cannister.

The Bag Style Robotic Cleaners will filter finer than your cartridge filter, DE Filter or Sand filter. This style robotic cleaner is harder to empty as the cleaner needs to be turned on its back and two clips undone to get to the bag. These machines are designed for light to moderate leaf loads and will not only pick up the finest dust but will filter the pool water at the same time.

The Canister Style Robotic Pool Cleaners are much easier to empty. The canister can be either a large single or a dual canister system. These canisters are great for leafy pools and will pick up grains of sand and fine debris but not dust.  If the pool is leafy but also gets dust you need to determine which is the bigger issue. It is always possible to occasionally manual vacuum the pool. 

What You get for your Money

Pool Robotic Cleaners will vary on price depending on their features and quality.

Robotic Pool Cleaners that just clean the pool floor are economical to purchase and as these machines are light no caddy is supplied nor required. The Revolution I is in this category. These is nothing wrong with floor only robotic cleaners, they focus on where the dirt is. The pool owner just needs to occasionally brush the pool walls and steps.

The next level of robotic pool cleaners will clean both floors and walls but they have cheaper motors with lower life expectancy which is reflected in their 2-year warranties. These are also entry level machines and use cheaper plastics and do not feel as robust as other robots. The Zodiac CX20, CX35, TX35 and Qt15 Robotic Cleaners fall into this category. There are many other dealers who sell these types of robots and we are not one of them.

The next level of robotic pool cleaners are the ones we recommend. They will clean both walls, floors and come with caddies or the caddy is an optional feature.  The plastics are better quality and the machines last longer.  Zodiac Premium Robotic Pool Cleaners (contact us to discuss as Zodiac do not allow these online) and Astral Pool both have Robotic Pool Cleaners in this category. A better quality motor means better life expectancy and longer warranties. 


Robotic Pool Cleaners are not designed to stay in the pool like other pool cleaners.  Robotic Pool Cleaners are designed to be put into a pool and left to clean for 2 -3 hours. Once the job is complete the cleaner should be removed and put away. This is where a caddy comes in handy.  The pool is free of hoses.  To some removing the cleaner after it finishes cleaning can be inconvenient.

When selecting which Robotic Pool Cleaner to purchase think about the biggest issues in the pool first.  Is it leaves or is it fine particles?  Do you have problem spots in the pool such as calcium buildup or algae? 

If you are looking for a Pool Cleaner that can be left in the pool for extended periods, please contact us for other options.

We offer the Best Price and Advice on Robotic Pool Cleaners.  For Further information Contact Us by email or phone 02 9970 5115 and we will be happy to help select the correct robotic pool cleaner for your pool.

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