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How to select a pool cleaner | Choosing a pool cleaner

Is your pool cleaner getting stuck on the pool steps, getting chocked with leaves or not covering the pool properly?

Suction Pool Cleaners

Most pool owners start with a simple suction cleaner. Suction cleaners operate by connecting to the pool skimmer box and when the pool pump turns on, the cleaner starts. Suction pool cleaners are also the best value of pool cleaners which makes them a good starting point for pool owners.

There are two types of suction cleaners:

  1. Non-Mechanical:

These Suction cleaners are characterized by a rubber disc or skirt which contacts the pool surface. Suction cleaners are connected to the pool skimmer box and movement is created by either a hammer (which is used in Kreepy Krauly and Onga Hammerhead cleaners) or a rubber diaphragm (Zodiac G2 contact us or Zodiac T5).

There is varying success with these types of suction cleaners. If they work in your pool, there is no reason to look at any other type of pool cleaner. However, getting stuck on the pool steps, getting chocked with leaves or not covering the pool properly it’s time to look at alternatives.

  1. Mechanical (Geared) Suction Cleaners:

Like non-mechanical suction cleaners these cleaners (such as the Rebel, Zodiac MX6 and Zodiac AX10 contact us)  connect to the pool skimmer box. The difference is that they have gears that allow the cleaner to make a series of turns in the pool. These cleaners use wheels or tracks to move around the pool.

Mechanical cleaners will solve the problem of poor coverage or pool cleaners getting stuck on walls and steps. They are will not be a solution for a leafy pool which is causing problems for your non- mechanical cleaner. 


Pressure Cleaners

Pools that are in leafy areas should use a Pressure Cleaner. Although it is possible to install a dedicated pressure line in an existing pool, it is always economical and better to do this at the time of construction.  

Pressure Cleaners require a separate booster pump (like the Jet Vac Booster Pump and Polaris Booster Pump) that forces water down the pressure line. The pressure line has a wall connection which allow the cleaner to clip onto the wall fitting. As water is forced to the pool cleaner the pool cleaner moves and jets in the pool cleaner lift debris off the pool floor and into a bag located on the back of the pool cleaner.

Pressure Cleaners usually operate 2-3 hours per day. These cleaners make looking after your leafy pool much easier. 


Pool Return Cleaners

Operated in a similar way to Pressure Pool Cleaners, Pool Return cleaners connect to the pool returns and use the pools filtration pump rather than a separate booster pump.

These pool cleaners do work well and are a good alternative for pool owners that have leafy pools and no dedicated pressure line for a pool cleaner. They are considered a last resort machine as they will put a lot of back pressure on the filter and reduce the circulation of water to the skimmer box. 


Robotic Pool Cleaners

Robot pool cleaners are becoming more popular.  Robotic Pool Cleaners operate independently from the pool equipment and plug into a transformer which is plugged into a power point.  The robot has a motor and is driven around the pool collecting leaves in a bag or canister within the pool cleaner.

Depending upon which cleaner is purchased, Robotic Pool Cleaners pick up fine and large debris. This makes them suitable for leafy pools or pools with fine dust.

Robotic Pool Cleaners do not stay in the pool like the pool cleaners that have already been discussed. It’s great for pool owners who don’t like the look of a pool hose and cleaner in their pool, but it does mean they need to be put in and removed each time the pool requires cleaning.

A few years ago, pool builders were offering Robotic Pool Cleaners as an alternative to Pressure Cleaners in leafy areas. There has now seen a swing back towards pressure cleaners. 


There is a wide choice of Pool Cleaners available and pool owners need to take into consideration many factors when choosing a pool cleaner for their pool. Owners should think about the quantity and size of the leaves, pool surface type, their pool equipment, and if they would like to put a cleaner in the pool and take it out regularly.

The Best Pool Cleaner is the Pool Cleaner that suits your pool! 

We offer the Best Price and Advice on Pool Cleaners.  For Further information Contact Us by email or phone 02 9970 5115 and we will be happy to help with How to Select a Pool Cleaner.

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