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Best Pool Cleaner

8 Top Tips for choosing the best pool cleaner for your pool!

Choosing the right pool cleaner for your pool size, shape and surface can be difficult without professional advice! 

Our 8 Top Tips - 

  1. Recommendations from family or friends just because they have a particular cleaner is in most cases never right. Simply because no two pools are the same.  What works in their pool may not work in yours.
  2. Choose value over price. A cheaper cleaner from a hardware store or redundant stock from some pool shops (like the Zodiac CX20, CX35, MX8, T3, TX35) may look like a bargain, but if it doesn’t clean your pool, gets stuck, continually breaks down or only lasts a season (or less) is it really value for money?
  3. Look at the full cost of ownership. As well as the initial purchase price, consider the ongoing requirement for costly maintenance.  Does the cleaner have multiple working parts that wear out or fail and need to be replaced regularly to keep it operating?
  4. Made for Australian conditions. Contact Us to seek advice on a cleaner that will suit your pool and debris.  We never recommend that you purchase from overseas as you will not be covered by warranty.  Obtaining the right advice locally make things easier if you ever need after sales support and spare parts.
  5. Nearly every pool is different. A cleaner that works well in a large concrete pool may get stuck in a fibreglass pool.  There are so many options in pool sizes, shapes and construction that it takes an expect to know which cleaner will work best in each.  Contact Us for assistance.
  6. If it doesn’t work efficiently, it’s not worth having. You expect your pool cleaner to be just that – automatic and efficient.  There are great difference’s in the cleaning efficiency and reliability of different types of cleaners.  Don’t spend money on maintenance or parts for the wrong one for your pool.  
  7. Choosing quality always pays. This is because you only get what you pay for.  Paying a little more always saves money in the long run.  So, choose the best quality pool cleaner you can afford, and you’ll benefit from greater cleaning efficiency, reduced maintenance costs and a longer working life.
  8. What’s the warranty? Solid warranties are your guarantee that the manufacturer stands by the quality, reliability and durability of its pool cleaners.  As a rule, the longer the warranty the better and pay attention to cover for moving pats.  In some cases, these may wear quickly, requiring expensive replacement.

See our tips on How to Select a Pool Cleaner to help you make the right choice.  We talk about all the different types of pool cleaners like suction cleaners, pressure cleaners, robotic cleaners and pool return cleaners.  We also advise what cleaners should be avoided.  

After you’ve considered everything, contact us for our professional advice and read our tips on How to Select the Best Pool Cleaner.  Our advice is free and will help you avoid making a frustrating and expensive mistake!

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