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Waterco Sand Filters

Waterco Sand Filters are available in fibreglass and injection moulded filters. Micron fiberglass Sand Filters are our preferred Waterco filter. They are constructed from fibreglass and have proven reliability and efficient performance. The Micron Fiberglass filters are available in 2 configurations, either top or side mount.

There is a wide range of filter materials suitable to fill Waterco Sand Filters. Sand is now rarely used and replaced with Zeolite or Glass media.

Waterco Sand Filter Range

Exotuf Top Mount Sand Filters

  • injection moulded
  • available as 16", 20" and 24"
  • capable of coping with powerful pumps and in-floor clean systems

Exotuf Plus Top Mount Sand Filters

  • injection moulded
  • available in 24" with 40mm or 50mm valve and 28" filters

Micron ECO Top Mount Filter

  • Fibreglass construction
  • available from 24" to 36"
  • our preferred Waterco Filter

Micron Side Mount Sand Filter

  • perfect in areas with height restrictions
  • available in 3 sizes; 24", 30" and 36
  • Fibreglass construction


Talk to the team at poolshop.com.au about your requirements. We can advise on equipment for new pools or replacing existing equipment.   Please Contact us, and we will happily answer any questions on Waterco sand filters.  


Need installation? Please Contact us, and we can arrange the installation of Waterco Sand Filters in most areas. 


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