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Siesta Chlorinator Range

The new Siesta Pool & Spa chlorinators from Dema are simple, efficient, affordable and highly durable. A genuine set and forget pool and spa controller.

All Siesta controllers feature a new durable sealed capsule which allows it to be fitted either inside or outside easing installation requirements. Siesta units are equipped with pump heads sufficient for all standard sized pools. For pools in excess of 100,000 L please consult Dema Australia. Chlorine levels are measured through the oxygen reductions potential - ORP.

The SIESTA PROFESSIONAL CpHP Pool and spa ORP/pH controller

A liquid chlorine and acid feeder unit designed to accurately control combined chlorine and pH dosing automatically in a single unit. The dosing is controlled by individual probes installed on the return to pool water line. An optional timer will control water filter cycles and dosing operations. Instant pH and ORP readings can be observed on the easy to read front panel LED display. The Siesta Professional can also be used to dose carbon dioxide gas by replacing the pH pump with a solenoid.


A time proven and accurate liquid chlorine feeder unit designed to automatically control chlorine dosing. As with the Siesta Professional, heavy swimming loads and climatic changes are automatically compensated for by the Siesta Automatic CSA-2.

The SIESTA SEMI-AUTOMATIC CS-1P pool and spa chlorinator

An economical liquid chlorinator dosing unit that injects chlorine at regular intervals throughout the water filter cycle. It can also be used to inject set rates of acid at regular intervals to help maintain correct pH levels in pools or spas.


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