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Rola Chem RC 1 Parts

At we supply a large range of Rola Chem RC1 parts.

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1. The injection point (where the chlorine discharges into the pool line) should be checked periodically for any build
up of solid matter like Calcium at the end of the PVC tubing and kept clean. This may otherwise cause blockage hindering the passage of chlorine into the pool and shorten the life of the pump tube and roller block. While unscrewing the black injection nut, take care not to lose the rubber grommet and silver ring.

2. Lubricate the squeeze (pump) tube every 6 months, more often in commercial applications. Use only the
recommended lubricant RC Tube Lube, available from Hurlcon, or any compatible silicone lubricant, otherwise damage can result.

3. Depending on usage, the squeeze (pump) tube may need replacement after 1-2 years on a domestic pool installation, after 6 months on a commercial installation. Before replacing the tube make sure that any stop valves in the filter system are closed. Otherwise water loss may occur.

(To replace this tube, remove the retaining screws or wing nuts and the plastic face plate and pull the tube free.
Disconnect the squeeze tube from the barbs and reconnect the new squeeze tube, making sure that the new squeeze tube is correctly connected to the PVC tubing as per instructions. Reposition the squeeze tube in the unit as before, lubricate the new squeeze tube with the recommended lubricant. Replace the plastic face plate and retaining screws.


Scheduled Maintenance

Timing Maintenance Check  Service action 
Three Monthly

Check Hoses and connections for leaks

Check for insects/ants

Isolate Pump, turn power off, Disconnect hoses and Spray a surface insecticide on the surfaces around the unit to prevent ant and insect ingress.
Six Monthly Inspect Peristalic Pump Squeeze tube condition for cracks, wear and tear Replace as required


We carry all all Astral Rola Chem RC1 Parts to maintain and under take scheduled maintenance of your Rola Chem.