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Rola Chem Chlorinators | Pool Chlorine & pH Feeders

Astral Rola Chem Chlorinators

Astral RolaChem Pool Chlorinators are available in semi-automatic or fully automatic models.  

As Astral Alliance Partner we will provide you with the best advice on which dosing system is most suited to meet your needs. Our range includes the RC1 chemical dosing system which is a semi automatic sanitiser or acid dosing pump and the RC9 which is fully automatic.

Rola Chem Models

Rola Chem RC1 Semi-Automatic Model

The RC1 Chemical Dosing System is a semi-automatic controller designed for use on acid and liquid chlorine.  RC1 Units use one peristalic pump. The RC1 does not test the pool water, it doses according to levels set by the pool owner.  The pool chlorinator can be adjusted to dose your pools daily with acid or chlorine requirements.  Available in a wide range of sizes. 

Rola Chem RC9 Model 

The RC9 incorporates PH and ORP sensors to test the water quality.  The unit will then automatically adjust PH and chlorine levels to keep your pool in pristine condition.  These units are available in different sizes.  

Astral manufacturing

Astral Rola Chem dosing system are manufactured in Australia. Astral Pool has a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Melbourne. Astral has invested $35 million in creating the largest swimming pool and spa manufacting site outside the Unites States. It is also the first 6 star energy-efficient factory of any type in Australia.


We will help you find the right dosing system for your pool and advise which Astral Pool chlorinator is going to meet your needs.  Please Contact us and we will gladly answer your questions.


Need installation? Please Contact us and we will arrange installation of Astral Rola Rola Chem Chlorinators in most metrolpolitian areas across Australia.