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Poolrite SQi Pool Pumps | Quiet Line Poolrite Pool Pumps

Available in 4 sizes

  • Clear cover allowing full view
  • Swing aside knobs for easy lint pot access
  • Large capacity hair and leaf strainer
  • Glass reinforced closed face impellor
  • Carefully designed diffuser for low noise operation
  • All components moulded from corrosion-proof resins for durability
  • Heavy duty, double insulated weatherproof motor with thermal overload protection
  • Balanced support for motor and pump
  • Quick connect unions on suction and discharge ports for easy plumbing
  • Suitable for commercial or domestic pools
  • IP44 rated for installation in the pool zone
  • Proudly manufactured in Australia

SQI400 Input 1200w / Output 750 W (1.0Hp)

SQI500 Input 1300w / Output 930 W (1.25Hp)

SQI600 Input 1550w / Output 110 W (1.5Hp)

SQI700 Input 2000w / Output 1500 W (2.0Hp)

Enduro Poolrite Pool Pumps



Available in 4 sizes

  • Low noise operation 
  • Low running cost
  • Stainless steel shaft
  • Weatherproof motor with thermal overload protection
  • Quick-connect union adaptors
  • Two years full warranty

EP550 Input 1170 Watt / Output 550w (0.75hp)

EP750 Input 1200 Watt / Output 750w (1.0hp)

EP950 Input 1300 Watt / Output 950w (1.25hp)

EP1100 Input 1550 Watt / Output 1100w (1.50hp)


SQ Gemini Poolrite Pool Pumps

Available in 2 sizes

  • Ability to run pump during off peak electricity times.
  • Super quiet operation in all installations.
  • Proudly Australian designed & manufactured.
  • Extremely reliable and proven induction motor technology for longevity

SQ Gemini 1.0Hp |Twin Speed 

SQ Gemini 1.5Hp |Twin Speed 

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