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Pool Ozone is one of the strongest oxidizers and disinfectants available in the pool industry for your swimming pool.  Pool Ozone Generators are stronger than chlorine, bromine and hydrogen peroxide. Pool Ozone kills E.Coli twenty five (25) times powerfully than chlorine and about five hundred (500) times faster.

Ozone produces short-lived 'free radicals' which will react quickly and then reverts back to oxygen. 

How does Pool Ozone Generators work?

Pool Ozone is not used as a primary sanitiser as it leaves no residual. This means that either the Ozone Generator needs to be running constantly or more commonly a residual sanitiser like chlorine needs to be used as well to provide protection when the filtration system is off.


Talk to the team at the Poolshop about your requirements.  We pride ourselves on providing the best advice.  Please Contact us to discuss and we'll happily answer any questions about Pool Ozone Generators and how to use in your pool. 


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