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The Zodiac MX range of mechanical suction pool cleaners use gears give make the pool cleaner do a series of turns to cover the pool better than tradition pool cleaners. These gears will wear over time and the pool cleaner will require repair. 

If you are noticing your Zodiac MX8, AX10 or MX6 is moving slowing, going in circles or is constantly loosing its tracks it is time for repair. A repair is usually required after 2-3 years but this will depend upon the speed that the AX10 or MX8 has been set.

At poolshop.com.au we stock an extensive range of Zodiac MX8 parts.  Zodiac MX8 Parts are interchangeable with Zodiax MX6 and AX10 Pool Cleaners.

All our Zodiac Pool Clear Parts are genuine. If you require a part that is not listed please Contact us with the details.


We can help if you are looking to replace your pool cleaner or pool cleaner parts for a repair. Please Contact us and we will gladly answer your questions on Zodiac MX8 Parts.

Zodiac MX8 | Zodiac MX6 | Zodiac AX10 Pool Cleaner Repairs

Can't do it yourself? We are happy to repair your Pool Cleaner for you.  Please Contact us and arrange a repair.

To Far Away! Post your pool cleaner to us and we will repair and send it back to you. We only use genuine Zodiac MX8 Parts and Zodiac AX10 Parts.

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