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Jandy Valves

Highest quality valves.  Shop our range of Jandy Valves.

Zodiac Valves & Actuators share one thing in common - Dependability!

Dependability begins with top-of-the-line materials and rigorous quality control standards. We offer the widest variety of valves for a multitude of pool and spa applications. Superior quality and plumbing versatility make the Zodiac range of valves
and actuators the preferred choice by pool and spa professionals.

Zodiac Never Lube 2 Port & 3 Port Valve

Zodiac Never Lube Valves are built from the toughest CPVC material that can withstand extreme chemical and temperature fluctuations to ensure they never leak, crack or break under the toughest conditions. For optimum performance, use in conjunction with the Jandy Valve Actuator for automatic operation.

Available in 40mm or 50mm sizes.


• Extremely Reliable
• Never Requires Lubrication
• Lifetime Guarantee

Technical Details

• Designed for easy Automation
• Made from durable CPVC Material
• Proprietary NeverLube Technology with Lifetime guarantee

Zodiac Check Valves

Zodiac Check Valves are made of the same tough CPVC material as the Jandy NeverLube® valve. It features a clear lid for easy inspection and a unique swing/spring design for both return and intake water.

Available in straight through or 90° models, 40mm or 50mm sizes


• Clear lid with read seal for easy inspection
• Easy to disassemble when clearing debris
• Corrosion resistant stainless steel swing
• Highly resistant to Chlorine

Technical Details

• Minimal hydraulic loss
• Unique swing/spring design
• Available in straight-through and 90

Genuine Jandy Valves. 

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