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Hayward Pool Cleaner

Hayward Pool Cleaners

Hayward Pool Cleaners are mechanically driven pool cleaners which means they have internal gears. This gives Hayward Pool Cleaners the ability to cover pools with a series of turns that traditional suction cleaners (disc rubber mat style) don't do.  The Hayward Pool Cleaners don't cope nor are they designed to handle larger leaves or twigs and require more and ongoing maintenance than other suction pool cleaners.  These cleaners connect to the pools skimmer box and run whenere the pool system is running.  As these cleaners use the skimmer box they reduce the skimming effect on the pool.  The Hayward Pool Cleaners are floor only and the end result will depend on the shape, size, steps, ledges and debris load  as to the end cleaning result.  If you have large leaves in the pool the Hayward Pool Cleaners will not be suitable for your pool.

Hayward was once a leader in pool cleaners but unfortunately they have been unable to maintain their dominance in the pool industry.  There are a range of pool cleaners on the market which offer great reliability and can cope with larger leaves.  Pool suction geared cleaners like the market leading and highly reviewed Pentair Rebel, Zodiac AX10 and MX6 .  These pool cleaners are now dominating this segment of the mechanical pool cleaner market.

Hayward has been plagued with bad reviews and after reducing their warranty to 12 months, they are clearly losing faith in their own products.  

We stock a range of spare parts for the Hayward Pool Cleaners. 


Our team will help recommend the best pool cleaner or if you are looking for a new pool cleaning solution.  We pride ourselves to give only the best advise and stock only high end pool cleaners that we have trialed and tested.  Please Contact us and we will gladly answer your questions on Hayward Pool Cleaners or find an alternative cleaner to meet your expectations.


We offer an installation service for Hayward Pool Cleaners. This will increase their 1 year warranty.