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Chemigem Chlorinators | Chemigem D10

Chemigem Pool Chlorinators

The Chemigem D10 Pool Chlorinators constantly measures pool water using a multi-electrode that measures both chlorine and pH levels.  The unit will then automatically adjust PH and chlorine levels as required which means safer water to swim in. 

If you are currently using a DM52 solenoid model and do not wish to change plumbing please contact us before ordering. A new Injection Manifold has replaced the original tapping band and the new type electrode will NOT fit into the existing plumbing. The older tappping band can be ordered by request. 

  • The Chemigem D10 is suitable for all residential pool sizes.
  • The Chemigem Chlorine & PH Feeder complies with health regulations for commercial swimming pools, but also is popular in private swimming pools. 
  • The D10 replaces the previous Chemigem DM52 Chlorinator. 
  • Manufactured in Australia
  • 3 Year limited warranty (1 year for commercial applications)

Pump Model Vs Solenoid Model

Valve (solenoid) models use the suction created by the main pool pump to feed accurate doses of liquid chlorine and acid into the pool via solenoid valves. The ChemiGem D10 can also be installed with dosing pumps (instead of valves) to feed the chlorine and acid into the pool. Dosing pump models can be useful in certain applications, such as where pool equipment is installed below the water level of the pool. 

About Chemigem

Chemigem is manufactured by Pool Controls, which is an Australian Company. Pool Controls has been specialising in swimming pool sanitation systems since 1980 and exports their producrs world wide.


We will help you find the right pool chlorinator for your pool and advise which Chemigem Pool Chlorinator is going to meet your needs.  Please Contact us and we will gladly answer your questions.


Need installation? Please Contact us and we will arrange installation of Pool Chemigem Chlorinators in most metropolitan areas across Australia.

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