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Sep 27, 2023

Choosing the Right Robotic Pool Cleaner

Robotic Pool Cleaners have transformed the world of pool maintenance. Operating independently and powered via a transformer, these little machines dart around your pool, scooping up leaves and debris into an internal bag or canister.

Given the soaring popularity of these cleaners, the market is brimming with options. Yet, just like any product, they vary in effectiveness.

Types of Robotic Pool Cleaners: Bag vs. Canister

Bag Style Cleaners: With the ability to filter water up to an impressive 2 microns, these are finer than most other pool filters, making them perfect for ensuring crystal-clear water. The downside? They can be a tad challenging to empty.

Canister Style Cleaners: These are the go-to for those with pools in leaf-heavy areas. They're user-friendly and designed for easier emptying. Depending on your pool's needs, you might choose a single or dual-canister system. While they capture sand and debris effectively, they're not as adept with very fine dust. If your pool has both leaves and dust, weigh which problem is more prevalent. Occasional manual vacuuming might be needed.

Astral Viron QT1050

The Price-Quality Spectrum

Economical, Floor-Only Cleaners: These solely focus on cleaning the pool floor, which often accumulates the most dirt. They're lightweight and budget-friendly. An example is the Revolution I. Their straightforward design means you might have to manually brush walls and steps from time to time.

Mid-Range, Floor and Wall Cleaners: These robots, like the Zodiac CX20, CX35, TX35, and Qt15, handle both the pool's floor and walls. However, their affordable price often implies cheaper motors and materials, translating to shorter lifespans.

High-End Robotic Cleaners: Our recommendation usually gravitates here. They're designed to tackle floors, walls, and sometimes even steps. Their build quality is superior, and they often come equipped with handy features like caddies. Brands like Zodiac Premium and Astral Pool are notable mentions in this category. While they might demand a higher investment upfront, their durability often makes it worthwhile.

Zodiac Duo-X DX4050 iQ

Key Takeaways

Robotic Pool Cleaners aren’t designed for permanent pool residency. They do their job in 2-3 hours and should be stored afterwards. A caddy can be a valuable accessory here, ensuring easy storage.

Always evaluate your pool's primary needs. Do leaves clutter it more or are they fine particles? Do you have specific challenges like calcium deposits or algae spots?

For those desiring a cleaner that remains in the pool, reach out to explore alternative options.

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