Pool Controls SWC Salt Chlorinators


Pool Controls SWC Chlorinator

The Pool Controls SWC range of salt chlorinators are available in a range of models to suit a wide range of pool sizes and climatic conditions. 

The SWC range utilises a new electrolytic cell design and comes in a variety of new output sizes – 15g/hr, 25g/hr, 35g/hr, 45g/hr and 60g/ hr.

The SWC Chlorinators also have a pH option and also options (T Model) for addition outputs to run lights (on timer) and other pool equipment.


  • 3 Year Warranty
  • Hand made in Australia
  • suitable for salt and minerals
  • Low salt model available
  • reverse-polarity (self-cleaning) 
  • Easy Installation
  • PH Options 

PH Option

All sizes are available with optional pH upgrade systems. 

Keeping the pH of your pool water within the correct range is essential to ensure the sanitiser works efficiently. The pH system is available as a separate “plug-and play” upgrade kit for the SWC 15, 25 and 35, with pH regulated via a separate peristaltic dosing pump.

The pH dosing system is incorporated into the larger SWC 45 and SWC 60 control units.

Other Options

T Model - Extra 2 power points.

Output 1: Pool lights which can be set on timer 

Output 2: Turns on with filtration. Used for ozone, UV or other piece of equipment which needs to run with the filtration

Additional timed power outlets for pool lighting or accessories.

Customer Reviews

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Gday, your service and customer care is absolutely wonderful.
Your prices are very good as I got a quote from our local shop and you blew them out of the water.
I have been shopping with you for , I think for 20 odd years now and I ALWAYS rely your prices and service.

Simple installation and easy to use

Great, simple unit which was easy to install and navigate.

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